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Hi..I would like to know what you think about my personal logo???

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Can't see the image...

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here it is..

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sorry about that...I had some problems :-)

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Alex, when posting wait for the error message then go back to your posting. Go to topics and just like magic your posting will be there. As for your logo I like it but I question weither the A will be read as an A. I guess it depends on the context in which it is used.

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I read 'alfx'

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Alex -- are you

a) posting this for critique, with intentions of revising it?

b) done with it and looking for feedback?

A and E are extremely versatile letters,
both in uppercase and lowercase.

I would guess that if you played around with ALEX, alex, and Alex

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I thank you all. I'll try do work on it more. The A I already changed a bit, but with the E it's seems a nightmare :-).

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what if your A and E are the same shape?:...

something annoying about the noches, but perhaps something like that solves the ledgibility?

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I've changed the A. I think it looks a little bit better this way. What do you think?

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I like that a...but now because you have a real baseline - your E is definately and F

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I haven't made any comments yet, but I have been following this critique. I'll have to agree with Darrel about reading Alfx. I think I'm finding the "E", but that's only because I'm looking for it as a design critic. Tanya's direction isn't a bad one to explore, although the "A" and "E" shapes aren't exactly the same. As she has illustrated it, the "l" and "E" would need to be pulled much closer together.

Have you looked into any other designs/concepts that you'd be willing to share?


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nlfx thats a strange name. Try this make the top half of your letters black and screen back the rest of the letter forms 10% Black run behind your last name. That way you could show enough of the letterforms to read with out being forced.

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I think the "a" form you have in your revision could make a much more e-like "e" than the one you have currently (rotated and flipped so the flat side is on the baseline and it opens to the right).

But you would have to take great care that it looks like an "e", and not f, c, or g.

I think the spacing on "Heilmair" could use some work as well; as it is, it gets very pale in the "eil" region, and "ma" is quite dark.

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I thank you all for the great tips. When I was designing this type I had in mind something that made the eye follow the curves giving the hole logo a unity. It sounds kind of crazy, but I was looking for something different.

I did some new experiments, that I think look a little bit better. The big problem I'm having is that I dont whant it to look to heavy. Anyway I thank you all. :-)

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one sugestion for you...
happy new year to every-tp

(sorry for my english)


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5{is still a difficult read, but I think the "e" in #2 is finally more apparent to me. That "e" relates better to the "A" than does the "e" in #1.

Before you said you didn't want to make the logo heavy, I was going to suggest knocking the letterforms out of a black rectangle with "HEILMAIR" below. This would allow you to return to the simple shapes of your original design

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I like the new versions Alex but Alvaro's idea is very fresh and works with the other letter forms and best of all it reads.

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Alvaro's ideia is really good, the problem is that the logo loses an important concept.

I used this oval shape to give the logo a stronger unity.

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Alvaro's A could flip horizontally to retain your domed alignment.


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