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Here are two members of my Dorothy family. The are actually a companion family to my Toto family, the very small text below the logo. Nevermind the cheesy tagline. Just playing around there!

There are some tweaks that can be made to these two, for sure. What do you think of the lc y and g, the way they lift above the baseline to keep their compactness?

These are not "gray" pixel fonts, although they could easily be adapted. However, I think they look pretty smooth as is, if not on the thin side.

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nice fonts...

i notice you used different heights for your ascenders and descenders, and this gives your text a special rithm.

in my oppinion the spacing is not right: it's too tight, and the text is too black... try using 2px between the letters and a bigger space - you'll see how legibility will increase.

keep goin'...


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Thanks for your feedback. Here are some samples with more open kerning. Which do you think looks better? The space glyph has been altered 1px in the top version, and 2px in the bottom. At first I was sure I liked the 1px version better. Now I'm not so sure...

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