Old logos you would like to see redone...

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you know the ones...the logos that are burned into the sublayering of your grey matter, but yet, they seem tired and well, old

i can think of a few but here is my top list of candidates:

and firstly: ABC

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I would NEVER change Nike or Coca-Cola...

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UPS is long overdue for a re-design.
I don't think the parcel and string really
represent the multi-faceted offering
of this forward thinking company. Not
to mention string has been forbidden
on packages for over a decade.

:-)) sorry, couldn't help myself.

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Peter, spot of sarcasm there.
Sorry, carry on.


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In Soviet Russia, the Real Thing beats you!

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i agree with the anonymous post. being an old logo doesn't justify a redesign. as long as the logo is still a good represenation of the company why change it? especially when the logo is as established as those you listed?

off the top of my head the only logo i can think of in need of a facelift is AAA.

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sorry...i can't spell representation!

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the IBM trademark needs to be changed. Paul Rand may have been a conceptual power house but he had weak typography skills. the UPS and Westinghouse marks were the best he did and even they are only ok.

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Jay said...
a conceptual power house but he had weak
typography skills.

I'm glad someone said it!

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troll i'm not... honest i am.

i sound like yoda there and he's kind of a troll so maybe i am a troll after all. :-)

plain clothes, i'm glad someone else agrees. now i've just got to get you on the helvetica side of things. <joke> :-)

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My comments:

Coke - not the script, anything else I'm ambivalent to
Pepsi - not the ying-yang-like mark, but if they want to continue the "taste of the new generation" gig, they need to keep redoing the wordmark
Chevy - what would be the point?
honda - bland, but not dated
nike - definitely not! this logo still looks cool and fresh, and there is no wordmark per say, so they can combine it with different settings of "nike" to change the look
espn - definitely dated, but recognizable
ABC - it's dated, but it still works just fine

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change the coke logo? the epitome of logo? hell, no! they may change whatever they want to, but the coke logo should stay untouched. forever. if you ask me. some logos become more valuable the older they get and the coke logo is one of them. :-)

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You know, if you go to Futureland at Disneyworld, there are crates with a futuristic Coke logo on them. I wish I'd had a camera last time I went to take a pic.

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:kisses Anonymous:

That's just so cool looking.

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Remember that an 'ok' logo like IBM can become a great logo if the company supports it with a quality brand experience.

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I would have thought quite a few Muslim clerics would love to see the Coca Cola logo changed. I forget who, but there is a fella that is convienced that the scripted logo looks like "there is no Mohammed" in Arabic!!

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he shouldn't have a problem, he is probably drinking mecca cola himself

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>>I would NEVER change Nike or Coca-Cola...

Maybe Coke should change their logo to keep up with their image...

From lawsuit brought by International Labor Rights Fund and United Steel Workers of America against coca-cola:
Complaint against Coca-Cola for Use of Anti-union Death Squads in Colombia
This case involves the systematic intimidation, kidnapping, detention and murder of trade unionists in Colombia, South America at the hands of paramilitaries working as agents of corporations doing business in that country. The violent persecution of trade unionists in Colombia has been at epidemic proportions for many years. Since 1986 ... over 3,800 trade unionists have been murdered. Presently, more than 60% of trade unionists murdered in the world are Colombian.
This case...is brought to remedy and prevent the violent persecution of trade unionists at various
locations of one particular company doing business in Colombia -- Coca Cola.

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the logos seem old because they are old - but I don't think that's a good enough justification to re-design an identity that's become part of our visual culture. - if it ain't broke....plus those logos were designed to be long lasting and withstand the test of time - and is that not the sign of a successful design anyway? I'd be afraid that if anyone were to re-design them now they'd add some contemporary crap to it - and it would have to be redo again next year. i.e. ups and its freakin swoosh.

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Not sure what you mean PD.
Care to elaborate?

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Ahem. I smell a troll.

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what would be the point of re-designing any of them they already have what they need and wanted in terms of success for a company

help young companies, small biz, NGO's - y'no people who need an identity out there.

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Here's a pic of the Tomorrowland Coca-Cola logo

Coca Cola Tomorrowland logo

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