Graphic Standards - Examples

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Anybody have any nice examples or links to comprehensive graphic standards manuals?

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This is pretty comprehensive. web style.

Here's ABB's. It looks like it only likes IE 6 as it seems to do some kind of Wizard thing.

A suprising number of Universities have their ID/Graphics systems online. Use Google and Search University Identity and University Graphic Identity. These can be good when well done because they span disciplines, the sports teams etc.

Here's Diebold:

Here's a concise one from Wiley Canaada:

Hope this helps.


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yes, I saw all the university standards but I was looking for a corporate version - thanks for the att link


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Hey, it was a great post and well worth repeating a few times!!!


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I have found that googling for the words "corporate" + "identity" + "manual" brings up all kinds of goodies.

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