PHD or PhD

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Let us just say...

You are setting a name in all small caps...and the name is:


Or is it



The typeface is Adobe Caslon Semibold Small Caps.

Bringhurst. 3.2.2 and 3.2.3 are the best support I can come up with for PHD.

Am I wrong?


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How about


???????? ;-)

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That certainly has a nice ring to it . But that is not it...

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1) make the H 10% smaller, 105% width (to compensate for lost weight)

2) Use Filosofia (it has 2 sizes of "small" cap)

2) Fake the "small small cap", by using an H from a heavier weight, and reducing it in size.

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Must you set the name in small caps? Bringhurst's idea of the name in normal text and PHD in small caps is I think much the best solution. If you have italic small caps in the font, that would be a possibility for PHD, or Tiffany's suggestion - but these are less good, I think.

William Berkson, PhD

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Thank you for your help.

I should have posted this before. This is how I was doing it.

What do you think? Right or wrong?

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Are you saying that I'm short and squat?

By no means! I would never be so bold. ; )


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I would say if you are using smallcaps that you set it PhD, having the h as a smallcap.

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If the style you've chosen is smallcaps, I would use all caps. It looks too small, in comparison, set in all smallcaps (phd I mean).

If Homer had a Doctorate

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Also. I agree wholeheartedly with Nick's suggestions.

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Hmm. Okay. If you are using all smallcaps, then yes, I would do as you have done. I missed the part about you using all smallcaps.

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I would probably set the comma a point or so smaller.

Are you saying that I'm short and squat? Hehe. ;^)

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