Sidecar Sticker

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This is for my Dad's sidecar to show that he owns/sponsors
the bike. It will probably be quite large, and I think the side
car will be bright yellow. I want it to be simple because they
go quite fast, and a fancy logo will be lost. It is also a
prototype of a 'stemless' typeface I am working on.


sowersby_engineering_post.pdf (11.7 k)

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Plain and simple, I like it. The only thing that pokes me is the "b" seems to look a touch higher than the rest of the letters, though it could just be me.

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Hi Kris:

This type here looks to be the basis for your up coming release of Karbon! (Your Kilbirnie Sans? I knew I had seen that design before!)

From this point in time preserved on the Typophile servers we all can look back and see how much you have progress as an artist!

Congrats to you!

Mike Diaz :-)

PS... I have your National and I love it to death.

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