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Designed for use as button text on web sites, Benson Caps is my statement to the bitmap-caps conversation. Benson Caps seeks uniqueness by including a "Button" face, including various ornaments, connectors, and endpieces.

I'm also intrigued by constructing the letters based on some of the historical texts I've read; traditional (triangular) A, two-story lowercase G, contrast the bowls of the P and R, the J descends, etc.


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Jared - Could you be any cooler? Damn, that's a great idea.
I've filed it away in my "Great Ideas That Someone Thought
Up Before Me Which Deserve Prompt Praise But Cause Lingering
Grumble" file.

Finish this thing and market it or I will be really pissed.

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Kudos, Jared on retaining some really fine nuances that are strikingly absent in most screen fonts. (Like you mentioned, the triangular A, the stacked a and g, the descending J. Further, typical fonts in this genre totally avoid the lower case.

The ornaments are just icing on the cake and take the thing to the next level.

(Stephen, I've been thinking the same thing.)


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Superb stuff!
You're designing for the medium, and there's nothing better. The button/border idea is *right on*, and I think you should definitely take it even further: beveled ones, multiple-outline ones, etc.

As for the letters themselves, the regular caps are well made, but I have a problem with some of the alternates: I've never liked so-called "unicase" fonts - I don't think they're worthwhile; I think it would be much better to provide true alternative cap designs. Small bitmap fonts really benefit from usable alternates.

Allow me to make these suggestions for the alternates:
A: Make a round-top one.
E: Make one with rounded corners.
G: It's too tall. The only bicameral "g" that
works at 6 pixels high is the Koch form.
L: Give it a longer base - it could be useful at the
end of a word. (Set the right sidebearing flush.)
M: Make a round-top one, with a hanging middle stem.
Q: Don't change a thing!
S: Make a wider one?
T: Like the "L", make a version that spans wider.
U: Super!
W: Make one with the middle going full-height?
Y: This form is a favorite of mine.

BTW, the descending "J" is brilliant. You might consider doing that with the "G" as well, probably as an alternate. And the "P"-"R" distinction is great. For the numeral "3" I'd pull in the middle bar.

All in all, you have a winner.
Go all the way with it.


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