Monocameral "a" - Bicameral "g"

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Is there any reason to not pair in the same typeface design a monocameral "a" with a bicameral "g"?
Any typeface that does it?

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I can't remember of any, but I really think you should try it (if you're willing to), since the opposite (monocameral 'g' and bicameral 'a') is quite common...

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Tarzana does. Tarzana roman (no slant) is inspired by its own italics, with an italic style cap E and some other less formal traits to match.

In traditional serif faces the italic a will do just that (while the accompanying roman will have both stacked forms of a and g). It has more to do with staying true to italics.

I'd say, just do what works, but make sure you have good reasoning that can help you drive other decisions about the face as its developed. Both the stacked a and the stacked g offer more interesting flexibility, in terms of letting you push the personality of a face. Then again, as with Futura, the single-story a and g both add to it's rationalized lack of personality.

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