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I need some fresh eyes on this. I am not even sure if it is readable yet, the y especially.
This is one of two logo's i am working on for library programming.
CyberCamp is a computer camp for kids.

Thanks in advance,


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Andrew I have a problem with the name. Cyber Camp sounds like a porno site. I think you need the word camp with cyber and a slogan that puts it in context. But that is marketing not just design. In terms of what you are working on it looks fresh and very sharp and pointy. No problems with your Cyber's

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I was thinking it could be humorous to do a bitmap version of the cliche log lettering so often found in campville. Might be a tall order, but it could be sweet if you can pull it off.


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Kids like to be hip and techo but Randy has a neat idea what if you combined the two ideas. Maybe your techno Cyber is cut into a log

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Wow! Porno and Kids don't mix. I hadn't made that association. Cybercamp runs
during the summertime from mid June to late July. It has just completed its 4th year,
so if the porno association has been made, no one has complained about it.

While learning computers is certainly the focus,
games and crafts are done throughout the day sessions.

Randy, can you explain your idea further.. It sounds interesting. The wood
lettering is cliche, but I'm open to the idea.


Lost but curious

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well, here's what i came up with.

The letters need some tweaking.

If you have ideas for this, please share.


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It feels like it is falling over or down to the right. Maybe drop the capital "C" a bit and/or make it larger (swallowing the "y"?) to weight the left side a little more.


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Andrew like the new version, its more fun with the marshmallow. I like the colors but I'd try Scott's idea.

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i like the feall of it but lether "E" is throwing me of, dosnt fow as ewrithing ells

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I like it because I would have expected some sort of cheesy digital or techno typeface... I'm grooving on the colors. Earthtones are the way to go, in my opinion.

Maybe you can get a board and use a power drill or router and gouge the name out by hand? Or some balsa and use a woodcarver's knife?

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Maybe you can get a board and use a power drill or router and gouge the name out by hand? Or some balsa and use a woodcarver's knife?

Yeah John,

thats a really great idea. Worth doing.


I have kind of put this project on the back burner. The E,A, and M all feel funky to me still.
Working on library signage and budget campaign
right now.

Thanks for the feedback.


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