Boob job for Ryanair's angel

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Ryanair angel's boob job


BUDGET airline Ryanair is expanding

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I think it's a PR job more than a redesign job. I don't find it sad at all.

I agree with Hrant though that she could use a butt lift as well. And while they're at it, they should work on her profile too. A nicer nose perhaps ;)

Her enhanced boobs seem to make her head look too small now.

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"Howcum" No pun intended I hope ;)

I think it was a good move. The other is way too androgynous.

If the goal is to have this person resemble a women, I think they took the right step.

Plus, c'mon, we all love bigger

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By the way, this article was originally from The Sun. I tried posting a link but it wouldn't work presumably because of the two commas in it.


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okay, i'll admit it, i just had to post here to get my name on a string that had the words "boob job" in the heading. i thought that the original angel was male as well, i'm thinking if they're gonna give it boobs, they might as well finish the sex change and make it totally female. as it is she(he/it)'s still an ungly angel now, just one with a bigger bustline. i think the new logo is worse than the original and by giving the angel boobs they just made it's gender more confusing. anyhow, just thought i'd ad my two cents.

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Howcum this is so funny and so sad at the same time?

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They could just submit this angel for an Extreme Makeover! As I see it if she is going to get the upper body done, and get a new booty, she may as well have her calves reshaped too. =D

I actually prefer the androgyny of the first. Angels can be male as well.

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Nah, that was just me venting my ongoing frustration
with the depiction of the female body in any and all
media. How does the saying go?
Don't read beauty magazines,
they'll only make you feel ugly.

This might seem like taking it a bit far with this logo,

I do agree with Tiff, I preferred the androgynous version.
Why does crass commercialism need to sexualize
everything? (because it works, yeah, I know...)

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It looks like the original was meant to be androgynous. I think it looked more male than female. The head shape, for example, is pretty square - kind of like a Ken doll..ya know?
It just seems like another case of a client misinterpreting what the designer was doing.

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