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A colleague and I are directors for a small print-and-online publishing venture, and we're looking for a sans serif face that will complement our serif face of FF Scala. Scala Sans would be the obvious choice, but the package would exceed our budget (and we are watching our budget closely).

We'd like a moderately-priced, distinctive (under-appreciated, not overused) typeface with at least a full family (in a perfect world, we might like some alternate characters, too). We looked at Parisine, but its differences from very familiar faces are more subtle than we might like; at Scala Sans, but we can't afford the whole package; at several other faces as well. Stephen Coles suggested that I raise the question here.

We're wondering whether the community at typophile would offer some thought-provoking advice. (Actually, we *know* the community will -- we're hoping that we benefit from it.)

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Try the Latin Modern Fonts LM package (may be the LMsans 9). Free.

Designer Boguslaw Jackowski, writes: "The Latin Modern fonts are based on the Computer Modern fonts released into public domain by AMS (copyright (C) 1997 AMS). They contain a lot of additional characters, mainly accented ones, but not only." This family is free and in type 1 format. Developed by B. Jackowski & J. M. Nowacki thanks to Metatype
Available at:

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Lux by Greg Lindy.
Available at Thirst.

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Thanks, PAtrick and Nick. I’m looking into the Latin Modern collection. I’ll run Lux past my colleague; it seems attractive, though the full package wouldn’t run much less than Scala Sans (at which point we might as well just spend the extra twenty dollars or so). I note that Nick recommended the Scalas in his “Perfect Set” article (accessible through the “Beginning a Font Collection” thread here.

I wished that my colleague would go for John Sans from Storm, but he thought it too idiosyncratic.

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