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But first help me out with the bottle.

I'm in a bit of a quandry. not sure to go for the clean lines, or the tree-like strokes.

All of this will be screen printed on a wine bottle.

Would love to hear what you all have to say about this.

thanks in advance.The lines

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here's the other versiontree

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Hello Petro

I like the white spaces you leave
in combination with the B/W "purity"
and the usage of types (FFMeta?).

Though i would need to see how the label
looks on the bottle (if not applying it on
a photo of the bottle -at least displaying
the label at the width of the bottle).

I would go for the second version
(with the element of branches), but
I would recommend the branch-lines to lose
their weigh gradually, as if they come out
of a pen...i think they will compine
more "natural" with the main line.

Sorry for the poor usage of english (i am greek).


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hi peter

i've been inmerse in the wine world since i was a kid and i can say that here you have an original personaity for a wine label.

allthough i would also love to see it in a bottle, the final one, because is not only the the proportions that matters, also the shape of the bottle

i also like the second one, it reminds the vid and handcraft in the wine.

Do you have an estimative price it would be sell?


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Christos, nice to see another Greek in here. Though I am not full greek I still carry on the name and the flavor. Good point on the lines getting thinner.

Cristian, thanks man. I am excited to work on this cause I don't there will be another bottle on the market like it. It will sell for around $40. Kinda steep, but the wine is actually very good. Steeped in jasmine flavor, with a nice earthen woody flavor. Anyways, thanks for the feedback.

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I prefer the first without the tree branches, but I might be won over to the second if the branches were less 'wispy' and /or they had more of a grapevine feel (they look like cow-parsley to me at the moment)

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okay...here it is with color...the client hasn't chosen...seems like it may be up to me.

if we do go with the trees, I think they will need some tweaking (i.e. thinning out the terminals was a good idea Christos).

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the treestree

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or the lines in gray?gray

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I prefer the first version ( s )..
Very nice, indeed..

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The bottle will be black glass? You won't see the color of the liquid? I prefer the single undulating line, not the tree version. Reminds me of a grape vine. I also prefer the white line to the grey line, unless you make the type grey also. The starkness, however, of the white is nice, especially against the black background. --- Perhaps a little nitpicky, but I think you need to work on the small paragraphs of type, you have some serious gaps and rivers. I'd add some letter spacing, not a lot, to the roman weights.


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oops. I meant I liked the single undulating line because it reminds me of a grape vine. the cute little curly ones.


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Great work, the organic look is simply beautiful... just two questions: How are the bottles going to be displayed? In which kind of retail environment? I prefer the single sexy line Mmmm.

So... Salud!

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Thanks for the feedback folks.

Arturo, these will be displayed in higher end wine boutiques.

Tiffany, good eye on the gaps, they just sent me that new copy and I haven't gone over like I should have.

Thanks...I am starting to love this place.


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i like the concept of trees, but i feel like you nee to simplify. i think you should continue to explore the trees. if i had to choose between the three as they are, i would select the first one. no grey. red, white, and black is very sexy. i like the lettering. its striking and makes it look expensive. keep up the good work.

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No cow parsley :-)
Number one with white swashes.

How will the bottle be capped?
Foil? If so what color? I'd say black with maybe a thin rule of red.

Small wax plug? Put the leaf on it.

Dipped? Don't know what this is called, but it's a kind of latex thing.
Like a bottle of Makers bourbon only not dripping. Elegant! If so, dip it in black.

Or not.

Note to self: get more wine clients... who leave the design choices up to me. good work!

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gosh these are really beautiful labels you have here sir! If i was minted and was choosing a bottle I would go for the second white label, simple and elegant. The branch lines are a wonderful touch. The black ones make me think of contemporary European film posters. Why? Who knows. but they do.

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I for one would pay extra for a wine with such a killer label.


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