(x) Burton logo - TF Alambic {Mike Y}

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Hello all. :-)

Can anyone help me identify the typeface Burton Snowboards uses in their logo? It's a relativley simple sans, but the "n" is a bit unique in that it doesn't have a "tail" (sorry, not sure of the correct term) on it's left side. It's effectivley an upside-down "u".

Thanks in advance! :-)

Jeff Croft
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The R looks a lot like TF Alambic (Treacyfaces). Sample from site test drive. The N could easily be a flipped U.
Alambic sample

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Wow, thanks so much! You guys rock. :-)

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This is probably custom designed or at least customized.
Very distinctive uc 'R'. I'll keep an eye open for it.

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Yowza Mike, that sure looks like it!

(And we're flipping 'n's and 'u's again.) :-)

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