Problem when importing from Illustrator to Fontlab

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I have problems when I (try to) copy my glyphs from Illustrator to Fontlab. Some glyphs do not work properly eventhough they look exacly the same.

The actual font is a rather simple one-line/stroke font and all glyphs are therefore build the exact same way. The "a" for instance is allright when pastet in Fontlab but the "b" mess up - the anchor points (I guess) are....wrong (!) one way or another. It looks like one or two anchorpoint are "missing" and the result is that Fontlab are just filling out the area with black (my bad english cant really explain it better!)To me it seems pretty random which glyphs causes problems - it can be simple strokes ("c" forexamble) while "t" is working correct etc.

My workflow: I have all my Illustrator glyphs on a single line - I copy each glyphs to a new Illu document and scale it up, setting up zero-point etc. - I copy the glyph to Fontlab. Over and over again.

Anyone knows what Im talking about!?;) Or have any suggestions to what might be wrong (or eventually have had the same problem)?

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nobody really knows what Im talking about?

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