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This young company called "a. dupuis productions" edits comics, books, movies and merchandising. Their core business is comics and the name "dupuis" is known since four generations as a leader in that market. any comments or suggestions are welcome. thkslogo image

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i like the colours

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I find the alignment of the d and p to be a bit off. Although they are likely lined up geometrically, it looks like productions is too far left.

In its present form with the current alignments, I don't read it as "a dupuis"--the "a" looks like a seperate symbol, that stands for the alphabet, not necessarily a character in the name.

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I read it as dupuis a productions. I guess its because the balloon's tail is pointing at productions. You might also try keeping a dupuis in the face you have it and productions in another face or caps? a dupuis is their name right? productions is what they do

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The way you have "dupius" and "productions" the same horizontal width looks strange in this font. as the curve is so extreme on the "d", the vertical line of the "p" seems to make it look as though it is farther to the left than the "d". The change in font listed by Daniel might help this, or you could shrink and maybe right justify the word productions. As well, this would allow for the speech bubble to be in reference of the word dupius, and if you make the "a" the same size as dupius, you should get better readability through the whole name. Here, this is easier than trying to explain in words:


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i like the logotype... and i dig the letter "a"
don't change that..
what i would like to change (if it was my project) is the last letter "s"
it is a good stopper or ending.. sort of closing up the logo.. but i would like to make it harmonize with the round d u p letters.
do you know what i mean?!

by the way.. what does the "a" stand for?

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