(x) Typewriter font - Love Letter Typewriter {Sam}

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I'm trying to find the name of this typewriter font. I tryied myfonts.com id program with no luck. Please help me!!!Untitled-1 copy.jpg

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We'll that doesn't help much. Its not trixie or VT remington. Thanks for your help.

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Can't you show us a "full" sample, with more letters?
You know, it's hard to ID one of those only with 5 letters. ;-)

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here you go.Untitled-2 copy.jpg

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thanks again...

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As an example of just how many of these grunged typewriter fonts are out there, here's a site with 4 pages of such fonts at about 44 fonts per page:

Here's another, typewriter-font-specific resource:

I wish you luck sam ...

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Thanks Mike,

I found it. It was love letter typewriter.

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May I be so bold to direct you to this thread? ;)

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Ahhh, the wonders of advanced search... :-)

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Hi Sam! Sorry I didn't have time to help you
earlier on. That's why I quickly posted the link
to the typewriters thread so you could already
take a look for yourself. Now that I've had the
chance to double-check the Vintage Type samples,
it dawned on me that my previous post proved to
be pretty pointless (howzat for an alliteration? ;) ).

I hoped you would find a match amongst them, but
alas, no such luck. There must be more worn-out
typewriter fonts, but once we get off the beaten
path and enter the realm of free/shareware, it gets
a lot tougher to locate the goods.

Let's hope somebody else recognizes your sample...

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