FOG flawless in Panther?

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When Panther was origianally released, I was under the impression that Classic Mode was to be discontinued alltogether.

From a Mac buddy I have heard that it still is in Panther and classic apps can be launched and ran in the OS. In addition to this, I have also heard that FOG runs perfectly in Panther which is quite exciting to hear so I don't have to jump between two CPUs.

In Jaguar, FOG hangs when you attempt to reposition a composite character such as an umlat u.

Can anybody confirm this is now fixed in Panther? Thanks in advance . . .

Stuart :D

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> When Panther was origianally released, I was under the impression
> that Classic Mode was to be discontinued alltogether.

I think the confusion comes from the fact that Panther will not install the Classic environment by default, and unless you have an OS 9 System Folder already installed on your drive, it will not be updated when you upgrade to Panther from Jaguar.

I'm finally getting around to installing Panther on my main box this afternoon. I'll let you know what I discover regarding FOG.

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One thing I found with Panther is they made a patch in less than a month 10.3.1 and after that I had some problems with the mouse getting some artifacts around it and the background image also getting weird. Running the Disc Utility booted from the install disc seems to have solved that problem.

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Daniel, what type of Mac are you running it on? It may be something totally unrelated to Panther. The symptoms you describe sound creepily similar to something that I ran into a couple of months ago with my Titanium PowerBook that was was the result of a major hardware problem that required replacing the logic board and the top screen assembly. Does the screen look anything like this?

Regarding FOG on Panther, I would also be interested in knowing how it runs. I've been too busy to install it, but hope to very soon. My dad has Panther running on his system. I'll try to test it out this weekend when I visit my parents.

(On the other hand, I've pretty much committed myself to using FontLab for any new fonts I develop, so I don't know that it will matter all that much to me in the long run. It really saved my butt with the batch I recently finished, even though most of the development on them happened in FOG.)

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Mark, I'm on a G4 iMac flat screen my screen problem wasn't like that but simular, except not banded, sort of random pixelation. On another subject Mark, nice new releases!

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Hopefully, your iMac doesn't/didn't have the same kind of problem. It was truly bizarre. The screen eventually looked like those Matrix graphics with the random stuff streaming down the screen like rain. Luckily, it worked fine otherwise (I could even do a screen snapshot!) and I was able to back it up before sending it in for repair.

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Stuart, I finally installed Panther. Man, is it great! Very snappy, speedwise. The most noticible speed improvement is in programs that have lots of windows and/or palettes.

Anyway, FOG does run faster. The screen redraw sluggishness that I used to see when running millions of colors seems to be gone, but, sad to say, the bug you describe is still there.

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Mark - my iBook had the same problem! Sometimes the patterns were very Martha Stewart...

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