AppleWorks, does it?

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Some one has bought a font. Now he tells me you "can not set type" with this program. Is that possible?

Also is there any text controls with the program if there is? Or is it strictly visual placement?

Never heard of this program?

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Providing the font was installed correctly (perhaps see if it appears in the font menu of any other program the person has on their computer) it will appear in AppleWorks (previously called ClarisWorks, by the way).

There are basically two ways to set type in AppleWorks. One is using the word processor (which, like Tiffany mentions, is similar to Word) and the second is within a text block as part of the drawing module. The drawing module allows you to scale, stretch, rotate, etc. the block of text (which can still be edited, of course.)

I am guessing that if the person cannot "set" the typeface, it's because it is not installed properly. The first thing I would ask them is if the font appears in the AppleWorks font menu.

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I use the database part of Appleworks 6 on Mac OS 9 for student grades. Darren Wilson, who taught the course with me at one time, set up the templates which I use for this. It's great, and I wouldn't say that an alternative to the incredibly bloated Word is dumb, quite the oposite in fact.

I've never had a problem with being able to set fonts in the database part of Appleworks. If a poorly-manufactured student font shows up when double-clicked in ATM, it sets in Appleworks.

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Nick, I use Excel right now for grading. The database sounds nice. Is that something you could share?

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This is encouraging. Sorry it was late last night and that is why you lost me. But your encouragements led the customer to successfully set type.

The problem with this font, cough, cough, the good thing about this font is that it is multi-coloured.

So the fellow needs to be able to set, copy, and then layer the colours on top of each other.

First, can the fellow colour the font? I imagine the answer is yes.

Second question is, can the fellow accurately layer the fonts on top of each other? Or is it visual placement only?

This fellow is most brave. It is his first font purchase, and first font installation. Frankly I need half a pot of coffee before thinking about working with this user friendly font. I just like to be prepared for the beauty of the results.

Alright, it is hard for me to say bad things about a font that does nice things. I think you understand.

Probably I should write a manual for this font. Maybe I should spend some time with fringe software. I am so bare bones here. There is no toys or nice things for me to work with.

Keep thinking about boats.

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Don't you mean licensed? ;^)

From my own past experience, Appleworks is more or less a dumbed-down version of Microsoft Word. Maybe go to Apple's site and check if they have more information.

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