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hello fellow typophiles. My flatmate and I are students working on our first 'real' brief, which is a poster and brochure for the 2004 Wanganui Summer School of the Arts. The summer school is a program one can attend during the summer holidays and participate in a myriad of activities. I suppose quite a lot is riding on the promotion, for the summer school has been defunct for many years and the powers that be have decided to resurrect it.

Because of budget constraints (and we thought it would be more challenging) it is a two colour job, with 'pantone process blue U' and 'pantone red 032 U' as our colours.

The client's keywords are "intense, serious, fun, creative and interaction". So we would very much like to know how we are doing. Trim size is 320mm X 320mm. Thanks!

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I definitely like the direction you are going. The anatomical illustration is "fun" and slightly intense as well.

I wasn't so into the cellular lettering. It turned me off a bit at first, but it makes sense. However, I see it being more dominant than Wanganui School of the Arts. In fact that isn't being connected top to bottom. I think this element needs to be bigger, and perhaps the top and bottom need be blue.

I'm still not sure about the Summer School type, but I can't quite articulate why.

Hope this helps

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You've got some style! It's rare that I like this sort of thing - maybe it's the mix of funky elements and "traditional" layout. Go go go!


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It's often that I like this sort of thing - this is cool! I like the colors and line weight. Reminds me of t-shirts from my youth, for some reason.

I'm not so sure why the double-ended ring finger should stand out so much from the other letters, though something needs to. I agree with Peter and say, give that attention and detail to Wanganui School of the Arts, and let the rest lay back.

And, I need a judges decision on this but, should the hyphen between 11 and 17 be an en or em dash? I don't remember which.

Great stuff! I want one!

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Sorry. En dash for durations and spans. No space (aside from letterspace) around the en dash.

Thank James Felici's <a href="" target="_blank">the Complete Manual of Typography</a> for jogging my memory.

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golly. "Enable HTML code in message" sure didn't work that time!

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here is an updated version, the one which our lovely client is going to take to the superiors to get the Big Seal of Approval. Thanks for the comments, I don't think the dash is fixed yet. But will be fixed soon.

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