Day 36 : 19 August 2002 (13 entries)

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> the person will come to visit this site

Didn't you read what Joe just wrote? There's really no point at all in getting more people to visit the site. Maybe Typophile is now sold-out, and there's simply no room... But wait: Even like music concerts that *are* physically sold-out continue to promote and advertise... I wonder why.


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> stimulate conversation

Dude, what "conversation"?
How often do people stop a guy in a cool shirt to ask him what it's about?! If you mean conversation at the workplace (where it can be presumed that other people are also interested in fonts), then you don't need a shirt - you just tell the guy about Typophile when you get a chance.

In general, you see a cool shirt, it motivates you to remember it, and perhaps soon do something about it. Like visit the friggin' site! And assuming we want people actually interested in type to *"collaborate"* with us, then it also helps if he can figure out what the site might be about...


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- Hrant, maybe this is rhetoric, but why must you continue to rabble rouse? If you don't like the fact that nobody has commented positively on your designs, then do something better. It seems that you are trying to harm the process, a process that doesn't care much for the designs you have submitted. Are the two related?

Do you care about Typophile, specifically, or is this 'just another forum' to you?

You should care. You are the most prolific Typophile here. Millions of pixels owe their life to you.

it's simple, this site needs funds to survive. they get thousands of hits. that eats bandwith. that costs money. they are NOT putting money in their pockets. their putting money in their IP's pockets. Of course they want new people to come. Do you really believe otherwise?

If you want to try to hyperanalyze every pixel and find sinister motives, then that's your choice. That's what these forums are for. But don't forget what you always talk about: consequences of behavior.

I know I could never expect to get a last word in, so I'm going to go have fun today. fyi, it's nice today in our neck of the city. maybe i'll see you at the park.


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Anna's made a very good point.

Typophile is just as interesting a word - why change the name. Perhaps we're finding the word typop interesting because its new to *us*

'Typophile' is the id we're trying to promote and it will be new to people. conversation about 'what is a typophile..?' will spring just as well if not better. At very least, when we buy a "typophile' shirt we'll all be able to explain it rather then saying I donno what Typop means but I bought it from Typophile cause its cool...I think its just an abreviation.

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Hey guys and gals.
I was one of those dot com casualties. I thought I was going with a good thing and now I'm doing side work to stay afloat. I am working on several designs for this competition. I hope to win like everyone else. The money could come in handy too.
I disagree with Tim Lee who said whoever wins is not that important. Why should some one enter this competition. I saw all the designs. Some people don't care it seems if they win or lose. I would have put the names on thse inital posts. That way you would have more quality over quantity. People wouldnt put their name on some of the designs. I dont exactly know how to capture the essence of typophile. Its a forum to discuss type and design. There are a lot of those on the internet. I'm unsure about what the judges are looking for. Some of them are type designers so the type should be topnotch. NOt Arial or Times. I agree with Joe Pemberton that putting a dot com on a shirt (like is so "three years ago" Every one three years ago was proudly wearing their dot bomb shirts on casual Fridays and weekends. It was a big joke if you ask me. People walking into the grocery store wearing their dot bomb shirts. It was like showing off. Now you wouldnt be caught dead wearing a dot bomb shirt. As for people visiting the site. I don't think non-designers give a whip. But every designer should at least stop by. That would be my target demographic. Especially a lot of these web designers who track Arial or Helvetica tight and think that is design. Then if you are at a party with other web designers then I would wear it. If it was a party with the regular population I wouldn't wear it. I think if the winning design is reeeeeely good then people would approach and say nice shirt buddy but I dont think theyd pull out a pen and write down and then get home and check it out first thing. Thats a stretch. I think peoplemake fun of any shirt now that says Do I haaaaave to do that I look foward to seeing my designs posted. It seems like theres a huge backlog.



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I don't know what to say... Everyone reads these posts the way they want too. Similarly, everyone reacts to a t-shirt design differently.

I just don't think the success of this contest should be judged on what "tee" we pick. If you look at the amount of people who decided to participate and share their opinions, it is a success.

I think Anna (Go2sea) is a great example. Two weeks ago she didn't know abou this site, but now she does. And even better, she is involved.

I still don't think the outcome is as important as the way we "play the game".

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A month ago I had never heard of typophile, I can't even remember where I had heard about it... Now I'm here I'm going to stick around.
If you are a designer and your truly interested in typography then I'm sure you would want to stick around too.
I think this competition is an amazing opportunity for the great typographers and graphic designers of typophile to show off their craft in the best possible way and assist the creators spread the word to other like-minded designers.

and .... Typop can raise eyebrows on here and generate interest but would it in the real world?

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35.001-002 / Typop is at it for round two!

35.010 / Hello is cool.

35.007, I hate typeos. =)

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Harsh? Naw, just a play on words -- or typos, in
this case...

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Jason, Alejandro, we're sitting on a pile of about 45
designs, yet to post. Look for it soon(tm).

Thanks for the Peter Funch link. His photography is great.

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BJ is on the right track with his comments.

The final shirt will be a means to support
Typophile financially. And for that to happen,
the shirt has to appeal to the Typophile
community. And we hope people will buy it because
it's cool, not merely to support our bandwidth

The shirt is absolutely not a means to generate
site traffic or promote Typophile. This wouldn't
be that effective a means anyway. (And it's why
we haven't required the ".com" on them. It
cheapens it.)

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