Working Girls

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Hello dear fellows,

as often, i send again roughs for a poster
about a theatrical play. The title is
"Working Girls" and is about
7 women working in a clothing factory.

Their life is captured in the hard and cold wheels
of the factory routine. Sometime they decide
to make a change by going down on strike
...only to realize

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i like 3rd one, becouse it looks for me as poster
about a theatrical play more than others.. 1st looks for me more as industrial advertizment and 2nd more az.. ..non theatrical too:-)
i think u need also add sum emotional symbol to 3rd version.. not sure whut kind of symbol, but maybe women's hands or sumphin..

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I like the flair of number 3, but the concept of 2i. Number 3 does not convey "clothing factory". Also, I really like the illustrations and colors of 2.

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i think the main conception iz not a factory, but "nothing has changed".. or not?

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True. Although I think the "clothing factory" is where these women are trapped. This is what I read into the second concept. I would almost suggest just simplifying number 2i and make it as graphic as possible a la Bradbury Thompson.

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Again, great stuff Christos!

I like the first one, and would suggest replacing the outside circle of the clock with a gear motif.


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2ii is wonderful!

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Thank you all for the feedback...

I wish i had time to try all the options you mentioned. What Dmitry and Tom wrote (..."nothing has changed"../...the "clothing factory" is where these women are trapped...) is the main idea.

It seems that the feminine symbol in #3, isn't that vivid so i should add something to support more the presence of woman (Dmitry's idea about hand was good).

Hrant, your suggestion is correct but the gear motif as clock is used in the #3 poster, so is a matter of presentation policy not to use it again, but i will sure suggest it as a compination to the customer when the presentation will be on.

Tiffany i kept the same face in every square because i want to show that actually it is the same woman (in different "versions"-colours), having the same problems, being in captured in the same cages.

Oh, and i forgot to mention the fonts i used...DIN, Helvetica and Schnell. I would also like to have some comments about the usage of typography.

Have a nice day, christos

P.S. maybe it will seem a little "over-patriotic" to some, but i feel a little proud that an epica price given for first time to a greek designer. If you go and check there are really wonderfull works. The greek studio awarded for the symbols of the Olympic sports. The illustrations are great (inspired by the ancient greek vase painting [melanomorfa=black shaped] ).

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i love 2ii but there are only 7 women in the play, not 9.

the numbers in each box may be confusing though. is that metaphorical or something actually IN the play? the colors are awesome in that and it totally embodies the idea of women working in a clothing factory.

the first one is not unique enough to me... and the third one is too much like a book cover in my opinion. they are all very very well done though.

2ii silkscreened would be great.

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after i designed the 1st poster they told me that the number of the women was not important. So, i let the composition to work as it fit me.

The time-numbers are refering to the pressure of time by being not "round" but precise. For example you will see 04:32 but not 12:00 or 4:30.


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I learn something new about poster design everytime I look at your posters, Cristos.

Please keep posting them.


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I like #3. I think the repeating female cutouts suggests the drudgery of existence - the rubber stamp quality of working in a factory with the clock gears always advancing to make another paper doll day for the women that work there. Also, I'm a sucker for the script font: Greek just doesn't look right to me without diacritics.

PS, where is the Amalia Theater?

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Sorry for delaying my answer so long. Finaly the client took 1ii with the gear motif as clock.
I prefered 2ii.

Van: Amalia Theater is in Thessaloniki. If you ever comee, let me know.

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> with the gear motif as clock.

Heh heh, that was my idea. I know how clients suck. ;-)

BTW, I'll be in your wonderful city at the end of June, for a type conference and some industrial-strength tourism.


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i also may be in the conference, but propably only weekend (busy, busy). So, if you know the day when you are going to speak, let me know.


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I think they put the foreign speakers on the weekends anyway. If you haven't heard from me by the middle of June please do remind me. I hope we can meet up!


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Ok. I'll be Miss Contrary. I like 2ii ... Framing (space), Color, Basic Concept ... But, what if instead of parts of women's heads, you do a patter for a female doll? Taking your original idea of dotted lines and multiple colors, but have a head, a hairline, arms, torso, legs, feet ... all as separate pattern parts? Maybe you could somehow show that they are different women? ... All just thoughts. Your poster work is wonderful.

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>> ... i kept the same face in every square

Your reasoning makes sense. I didn't read that as a cage. But, that is not to say that others, who know the play, might understand more of the concept.

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