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This is my first post on this forum.
I would like some feedback on my new
typeface inspired by the art of Aubrey Beardsley..


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wonderful! Texture!

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I feel moved and enlighted. Is this what nirvana feels like?

Seriously, Daniel. Once you get the spacing
right this thing is ready to be sold to masses
of Beardsley and beauty fans everywhere.

Like what's up with the 'I' 'J'? Is that just
so the 'I' lines up with the 'W' for the sample?

Go ahead and slap this on a shirt for the
Typophile Tee Shirt Contest and win.

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snälla. jag vill ha.

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God, I love this! Who do I have to sleep with to get a copy of it?

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very nice Daniel. I have seen a lot of designs going in this direction but somehow this looks more historical. I would perhaps try to modify the areas indicated. the S has one shorter
stem. the short lines look a bit out of place with everything else in my opinion.

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I disagree a bit with Ole. The short lines are
perfectly consistent with the design . The 'S'
could use another look tho.

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It would be nice to see this up close. Do the
windy, scrolly lines have rounded or straight ends?

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Thank you everyone for your kind words and critic!

Richard: Tack, kul att se lite svenskar på forumet! :D
Ole: Yes, i´ve been thinking of changing them, i will post a new version later today with these lines removed.. In the new version I will also change the "S" as suggested by Stephen Coles

Stephen Coles: Thanks alot!
Im currently working on the spacing so that whats weird with the "I" and the "J" i guess (if i understod you question correct :))

this is what the typeface looks like up-close:


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Perhaps the C looks a bit E-ish? :)
I think it would work in a text setting, it's just that the C alone looks a bit much like an E.

Det vore jättebra om du kunde skicka ett mail till mig på

Jag har lite frågor...

Nice work to sum it up, really nice!

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Ok, ok. I'm getting very giddy here at 4 a.m.
thinking about the emense possibilities this
font holds. For instance:

1 - Consider making 3 seperate fonts, one as it
is now, one with the heavy "alphabetic" lines,
and one with the windy scroll lines. This would
allow the designer to combine the fonts and color
the two elements seperately. Layering is hip.

2 - Create another font in which the windy scroll
lines extend out of the letters. Could also be
another layerable font.

3 - Create a bitmap version. You think I'm kidding?
Talk to this guy: Miguel Hernandez. He makes
display fonts out of pixels.

About the short lines... I'm beginning to see why
some work and some don't. On the 'M' the lines
are a continuation of the flow of the lines above
it - they are just crossed by another pair. So
I think they work on the 'M' and 'R'. On the 'Q'
and 'O' they seem to be space fillers rather
than continuations of the lines. This makes them
distracting. You see? Or am I dillusional from
lack of sleep?


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For those who don't know him, here's
a nice example of Beardsley curlage.

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Yeah. There were some great Velvet Underground posters in that style in the late 60's...

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Daniel, you've certainly captured that fin-de-siecle decadence of Beardsley and Wilde. It's also strangely reminiscent of some good ol' Letraset stuff, ca. early 70s.

One technical question: It's hard to tell exactly from just a screen rasterization, but did you build any overshoot into all those rounds? I can't see any in the samples, and it's disturbing the rhythm, to my eye. But maybe its just the low resolution of the gifs.

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This IS amazing. And I completely agree with Stephen. I WANT to see this on the typophile t-shirt contest!

Also, Stephen's idea about 3 separate fonts -- Did you mean this (for my visual impairment) to be similar to the woodcut fonts that have fills?

Short lines -- because they only appear in such small amounts, this is perhaps why they don't quite jive with the rest (?)

TWEAK -- C, go a little more traditional on the heavy stroke; D, not sure about the tiny little corner; H, not loopy enough; K, could the scrolling lines intertwine just as the heavy strokes (?); L, too similar to the J; M, i see an R; O, short lines; Q, short lines; R, short lines; S, again a little more traditional on the darker stroke
WORK -- MWZ all three are a little too wacky.

but hey. this is amazing and maybe my boring old traditional eyes are wanting too much? as for the I & J, what if there was a hanging alternate J ? by the way, i think the T rocks!

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Uh oh - Tiffany has become code happy. (Those bolds!)

The 3 fonts...

Font A - The design as it exists.
Font B - Contains only the thick lines - the forms of the letters.
Font C - Contains only the curly, scroll lines.

The idea is to allow the user to seperately
control the color of each element. For instance:
if there was a legibility concern, the user could
make the alphabetic forms a slightly darker color
than the inside ornamentation. The different fonts
would allow this change much quicker than tedius
editing in Illustrator.

If there is room for expiramentation with the inside
curls, there is an opportunity for two more fonts:

Font D - Could contain alternate (maybe longer), scroll lines.
Font E - The full design with the alternate scroll lines.

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Stephen, good plan.


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Hi, and thanks for all the feeback!
Heres the new (and hopefully) improved version of the typeface based on your feedback.. beside reworking many of the chars i've also fixed the overlaps of the thin lines and made them "rounded" .. I still feel that it need some work so please continue to give feedback!

new version

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The absolute loveliness of the typeface hinders any worthwile critique. sorry :)

It's looking even better though.

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The sentence "timeless" fits in pretty well at this one i think. So the purposes can be many.

Ett gedigert arbete Daniel.
Du såg aldrig när jag snodde en kopia av den va?

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So, whatever happened to Mr Wallberg and his amazing Beardsley? Has anyone heard from him in the six years that have passed since this thread was started? I’d love to see this face released (as would a few other folks, I’m sure.)

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I haven't heard from him, Grant. Probably have the same email address that you do. :/

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Sigh. Haven’t heard anything back from him at that address, unfortunately.

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Well, he does seem to be on Facebook.


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I see 4 Daniel Wallbergs on Facebook and none are the fella I met while in Stockholm.

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