Berkeley equivalent?

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Is there a font closely slimilar to ITC Berkeley Old Style? I tried briefly but it only suggested Cheltham and Goudy, which I don't think will be close enough for my clients taste. Anyone have some suggestions?

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Font Bureau's Californian FB?

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Heyhey, now that looks like it will do nicely! This is what I was hoping for. Your help is much appreciated!


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M. Kojo,

You are early in asking. Lanston is soon to release the difinitive version of Californian Oldstyle based on the lead patterns which were made by Goudy's own hand. They were, and still are, at Lanston. We cut punches for Monotype composition.

These patterns I believe to be the only in existence. The others were lost in his fire at Deepdene.

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I can second Adriano's FB Californian recommendation from
experience. I got to use it for a book of poetry and found it
most enjoyable.

Excited to see your version, Gerald!

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