* Post Your Top 5 Picks!

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So, based on the tees we've seen so far, which five would you vote for, ranked in order?

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Nice idea.
Do we include or exclude the one(s) we did? Wait, that shouldn't be specified, since it would skew the anonymity.

So, officially, each of us makes a personal decision whether to include his own work or not, and we don't tell. OK?


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I only have four. In order? Sheesh.


BTW, if you decide to print more than one shirt -even if you only choose one "winner"- I think the designer of that shirt should get one of those (or one of the winner, at his option) for free.


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Heres my 8/14 picks. I'm assuming that we'll still get some entries which can turn the tide. (Please Note, I don't actually have any input in the judging!)

26.001 / Heart Throb
10.006 / missing letters
24.002 / California Job (mostly front)
05.012 / Printers Prayer
01.001 / Kerning is good idea

Runners Up:

12.001 / Typop
08.008 / Kerning in progress
10.005 / Ligatures
23.009 / Clean Type Label
04.003 / Hands (mostly front)
04.010 / If....

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Oh, and I agree - if we print another design, the least we could do is kick back some shirts to the designer(s)... but let's cross that bridge when we get to it, if we get to it.

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My favorite for the top five so far are


They're in no particular order, can't wait to see the rest.

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These are ones I like in order of posting. Although I like some of the concepts used on other designs I think a T-Shirts is used as a quick expression and only so much can be said to make a statement or pique someones interest (if that makes any sense).

02.003 - helvetica
02.009 - quick brown fox
05.017 - lorem ipsum
15.003 - meditate
15.004 - cooper
23.009 - clean type
26.001 - heartthrob
26.003 - molded plastic

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08.005 Monkey
09.003 Yellow Lorem
10.003 Eye Test
15.006 Typo Mess
18.007 Love Type
23.009 Clean Type

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Only two float my boat:
12.001 Typop
01.001 kerning is a good idea

It's interesting to see everyone's difference in opinion.

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I think they're all (aort frm a select few) really quality designs, and it's great to see so much talent coming through.

I don't envy the judges!

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Here are my top 5 as of August 15 (in order of posting, not preference):

10.004 / pseudo-backwards typophile
This is the one I would actually wear

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24.002 - job case. maybe put the 'typophile' from the front somewhere else.

26.002 - gotohel. the second version rather than the first.

01.001 - kerning is a... incredible. but it's so much of an insider joke.

02.003 - helvetica. if the back was blank or the back print was really really small

23.009 - washing label. so nice, so small.

it's getting hard. i have a top 10 already =]


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I wish I had thought of these.
O- (in no order, whoops)

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1. Are you guys planning another poll (probably after all the entries are up)?
2. I know that there's judges, and they're the ones who are going to pick the winner(s), but since the main point is in fact to sell as many shirts as possible, shouldn't there be a somewhat formal voting procedure, so at least the judges know which shirts might be the most profitable before they decide? I know judges don't like such "infrigements", but if the motivation is to help Typophile...

BTW, more likely than not my own entry/entries might *suffer* if you do #2, so I'm not trying to skew the results or anything. I guess I just want Typophile to survive, and from what I understand shirt sales mught turn the tide? Or maybe I'm worrying too much.


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You do have something of a "captive audience," or more to the point "captive consumer space" in the forums. You can easily poll to get a rough sense of how many shirts you should print, at the very least.

Also it would be interesting to see what popular favorites are, even if it doesn't change what "wins" or gets printed.

This poll space has been so empty since its inception: probably because at that point there were not even five strong candidates, but the quality seems to have gotten much better in the last week, with presumably more goodies to come. [apologies to those I may have just slighted with this remark.]

And hey, as judgement day looms, I'm wondering how the judging is going to work. Is it ID Design Annual style, where there is some sort of dialogue from which we are treated to salient gems? Do they rate the shirts, make a list of five, narrow to a "semifinalists" stage, or is it all too arcane for us to know?

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my top 5? (in order of faves)


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10.004 / pseudo-backwards typophile
Surprisingly readable, but skewed enought to make you stop and look. I would actually wear this one (though I still would rather it be black with white type)

10.006 / ligatures
Because I'm a ligature man, and I love Mrs. Eaves

38.017 / Gas Food and Type
All I need. I love the simplicity, design and message of this submission.

39.006 / Found T-Shirts
This is a wicked-cool idea. I have a friend who makes her business cards the same way

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15.004 actually looks like a t-shirt design. and the picture is fun. besides Cooper does need some respect. In turn I think it would spark alot of conversations...people would ask about cooper, you could have a real conversation without sounding dotcommy and have your opportunity to plug the site.

38.021 I've never seen anything before that combines futuristics, scripts, displays and blackletters, sans serifs all together into a pleasing design that means something. I think the designer was trying to cover all bases. and then there's the whole look and feel and concept thing.

28.001 yay dingbats, I've tried for a few years now to convince companies that dingbatting their name could be excellent for branding. no ones taken to it, and here's my opportunity! I'll wear it to meetings...symbols rule. and whats a letterform but a symbol anyway? Dingbats being so recognizable now I think they should be given the same uses...like braille for seeing people or soemthing.

29.008 I like the relationship between font choice and the word. and then the justaposition or it all together too. its very clean. not much of an advertisement for typophile but is that needed anyway? is a t-shirt going to drive visitors..no.

43.016 but with that black screen on. Its nice to fit words into squares, dosen't say much about what typophile is or does...but sticks to the point somewhat without being altruistic, or illustrative.

I would not wear flaming anything...in this city there's too many flaming identities, and I think its on its way to be the next trend, y'no right after orbits and "e"-wotevers die off.

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> like braille for seeing people

Cool analogy. And symbols do rock.


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Disclaimer: color is not my strong point. In fact, I don't even like half-tones. I like line art, engraving, and type. So I'm really only considering the qualities outside of color. Except for green and purple, which I like.

In decreasing order of preference:


Linotype Sangue in a goth-looking design. This is my favorite by far! Sangue is a great secret weapon.


Green on green. Bickham script (or is it Sloop?) Knockout on the sleeve. VERY nice.


What can I say, I have a pathological craving for ornament.


More ornament. There is something wrong with me. I want to wear a chandelier on my torso.


Flamin' awesome. And if that's hand-lettering, that's what hand-lettering should do. And if it's not hand-lettering, it's certainly on the same level.

And one more for curiosity's sake: 15.001

OK I get the orange part now. It's an inside joke. I'll assume the creator wants to deliver the punchline personally, so I'll withhold. VERY subtle and VERY clever. Likely outside the scope of the contest, though.

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> I want to wear a chandelier on my torso.

If Dali were still alive, he would *lust* after you, dude. ;-)

> I'll assume the creator wants to deliver the punchline personally

What, he gets a teleport machine to follow around anybody who's wearing the shirt?!

I'm reading "pirate king", but anything more is beyond me.


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In no order:

02.006 - Blue hand.
29.006 - Calligraphic.
40.002 - Oreo.
43.019 - Em & En.
46.023 - Brown hand.

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It's a good sign that we can start thinking about

Contrast the submissions from week 1 (minus a few
gems) with the submissions from the past week. It's
getting much better.

The heat is on (and the fuel from Apollo 26
doesn't hurt either. =)

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