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Hrant, unfortunately for some reasons I couldn't post on this forum for a while (was this site down?), I kept getting error messages.
Yes, it was great meeting you in Rome, even if I realized who you were only on the last day (I did make a fool of myself a couple of times asking people I thought may be you "Er, excuse me, are you Hrant?", but your pic on the aTypI booklet was a little misleading, I guess).
I just realized there is a whole thread on post-aTypI going on this server. Let me catch up a little and I'll add more posts. Was Tiffany there too? Oh no, I'm sorry I missed her.
Ciao all.

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> your pic on the aTypI booklet
> was a little misleading

Yes Paolo, sorry. You see, I'm very un-photogenic (or maybe just plain ugly) so I just used the one good photo I had, from '86...


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