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Hi, this is my very first attempt to design a font. Please I need the expert critic from typophilers... The text has not kerning yet.
Thanx in advance, and sorry for my english (I'm from Argentina)

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Surprisingly legible for a pixel font; nice clean look

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Well, I wouldn't say it looks so legible.
There is a lot of odd stuff, for instance:

-t is too high, and its crossbar too;
-it's too tight for this size. try 2 pixels spacing, "stem-to-stem";
-vwyz are wide (or are the other letters too narrow?);
-VW are really wide;
-bdpq looks strange: the bowls should be similar to o;
-x is narrow;
-A's counter is too closed;
-the numbers seems to differ in style from other characters...

I think you still have a lot of work to do here.
Good luck.

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Made some changes (thanx Eduardo) and think that is better now. Maybe need to make 'h' 1 pixel narrow.

Here is the new version with some kerning work too. Thanks.

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Well maybe the face looks more regular now, but too standarized. The first example was more inviting for the reader, and i think that the "strange" shapes helped on ditinguishing the word shapes, wich is not so easy in pixel grid.

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