Fonts to look at and learn from?

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hi all. which fonts would you suggest for educational purposes. like learning from when it comes to technical stuff, character width, kerning, look and feel and so on... i would like to start with a non serif one. thanks: lars

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Carter's stuff.


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I think fonts from Adobe and MS should be pretty reliable too, specially regarding technical aspects...

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When you look at Microsoft and Adobe fonts, please look at recent ones. That is, *not* Adobe Garamond Pro, Arial or Verdana. You can look at Frutiger Linotype (that is free and comes with Microsoft Reader) or Brioso Pro (best as reference for glyph naming and encoding).

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there are some great articles on typography on microsoft's website. one that i thought would be applicable to your question is titled "Character Design Standards" ( and gives some good information on the design of latin characters. hope you find this helpful

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