Slab serif

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This is a font in development and I would appreciate any crit on the letterforms.

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Could you post a close-up? Or maybe a pdf?
At this size the serifs seem odd to me...

So far I think several of the UC-characters look interesting (I really like the D for instance)

More to come...


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Oh my, now that is much more exciting all close-up like that. I would still agree with Nicolai that serifs are a bit too beefy in contrast with the other details.

I love the simplicity of the

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How about simplifying the serifs?
Maybe like this?
modified serifs

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i think it looks good with the smaller serifs that Nicolai Kruse did. but it looks very good. could we see the fi ligature used in a few words maybe?

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Thanks for your comments.
While I appreciate Nicolai's amends I really wanted to have a powerful slab serif on this font to make strong horizontal emphasis, I have attached a use of the ligature, I am still in the process of amending.

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