Loghouses... a little help would be great!

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Dear Typophiles,

I'm doing an identity for a company who's main interest is building loghouses. They import the wood from Russia and intend to erect the houses in Denmark mainly. Quality is excellent and the prices are low. (In short: a very good deal)

Well, I could really use some creative inputs regarding the logoshape and the typography. I've been through quite a bunch of ideas which I've included here. I want to make a simple shape that's unique and remarkable which illustrates: quality and affordable loghouses - and good for the environment.

Quite a hard task :-)

Thank you in advance guys!


Carpenta logolayout 2003

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Should we assume that people who buy these houses want to be "in touch with nature" or something along that line? Do the houses look very "loggy"?

BTW, if I buy some of that famous Danish furniture here in the US, are you telling me the wood actually comes from Russia?! ;-) Hey, if Russian lumber is as good as Russian font software...


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Out of the four ideas here I think the second is the most engaging. Luxury Loghouses? My grandfather lives in a machine made log house that was built on-site in Oregon USA which is very nice and that house in my mind goes best with number 2 option.

To my eye number 1 looks too obvious/American. Number 3 looks like an Interior design store or high end hardware store and number 4 looks like a lumber or paper company.

Also the type in number one and 2 I prefer over 3 and 4. It looks modern but not expected so it is nicer.

I don't have alternatives to suggest right now (type or design) I have to run for a train! I'll look in again soon. Keep it up!


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Jon, I think the typography in the first 2 say "luxury" more than the last 2. The illustration in #2 does not say "luxury" to me: it looks more like a mobile home. Assuming, as Hrant said, that the target audience wants some of that "I live in nature" experience, I think the logo in #4 might be on the right track. Maybe the two sides of the logo could be staggered a bit, so that they still suggest a tree but also suggest the interleaving of logs. (The current form looks similar to both Boise-Cascade's and Weyerhauser's logos -- not good associations for your target market, I'd guess.)

To my eye, the blue/green colors don't say "luxury" or "nature" -- they're a bit too saturated for that, I think. Something more earthy and dark might better communicate both "nature/environment" and "high-quality."

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Doh... I meant Henrik, not Jon. Sorry.

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My two bits....

Overall, I like the last two explorations

Logo#1 uses a "truss" (engineered rafter) for the mark. Most log homes that I have seen rely on a more traditional rafter & beam construction

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Henrik, what you are hoping for (with the logo) is more than can be expected. Make a nice simple unique mark, and let the marketing department worry about creating the positioning of the product. Do you see your mark existing without a tagline or a photo of the luxury log houses, probably not. You might think of process to imply luxury (gold stamping, blind embossing). Ask the marketing department for a profile of the average buyer, demographics. That might help you skew your mark towards that group. Just some thoughts

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