How do you safely install PC Fonts on a server?

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Someone wants to install some PC fonts on a server. Never worked much with PC's.

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What do you mean by install?

You can 'store' the fonts on a server.
But in order for a font to be recognized, it must be installed on the workstation.

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Thank you Kyle,

I believe that!

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Sure you can install fonts on a server and also use them from there. At work we do it all the time and don't want duplicates flying around. (w2k server and various work stations)

All you must put in the back of your mind is that you map the drive to for example 'F:' and links come from there. So if you need to map the drive again, choose 'F:' again, else there is no link to the font files and you must re-install them.

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Thats not "installing" on the server, like I said, that is "storing", then referencing your workstation to that mapped drive.

It has to be then installed on the workstation in order to function. Wether you install from a local drive, or a mapped network drive, does not really matter.

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