Pixelyard Productions Logo need help

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Hi All,

I am designing a ew logo for the compnay i work for. We create online 3D interactive courseware. They want to show the 3D aspect of what we do. I have come up with some ideas but i am not sure if anyting is working at all, opinions and advise would be great.

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Version #8 is cute. Cute in a good way.
Version #1 is interesting. The idea of a grayscale P is kinda interesting, but it doesn't make me think 3D.

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Since when did "cute" become a standard of logo success?

The only versions that suggest 3D are #4 and #8. Being that #4 just shows a box, I don't think that's really going anywhere. Version 8 is a little hard to see, and it kinda looks like you've used the ol' 3D button filter on it. I like the "pixel in the yard" idea, but the execution could use some work.

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Could you get a wireframe box to work as a Y?

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Seems to me like you have a lot of good sugestions.
It might be hard to execute, but maybe the 3-dimensional boxes in #4 and #8 would conote pixels better if there were more of them, like in examples #1,#2 and #3. It's hard to identify a square as a pixel when you see only one.

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Well, cute was the word that came to mind. I could've said fresh and succinct.

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conceptually, #8 is the best, IMHO. Work on some variations of that one.

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I like 8 on the design, but the illustration has me thinking box in yard, not necessarily pixel. Pixels are flat 2D. As far as the pixels building up the logo, it's not a bad direction, but it seems like something that has been used pretty often. think Xerox, or something similar. We had a motion graphics studio near my college back in the day, and their logo was a similar execution.

And, the blue would be better suited emphasizing "Pixel" rather than "Yard," (like v.4) since pixel is more relative to what you all actually do.

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Version # 6 is my favorite. Not knowing much about the company, I think this one speaks to me as a consumer...

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7 and 8 are also good

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Do you only do 3d work? If not then i would actually say that you should think about your more extensive branding and marketing to carry that point across and keep your logo clean and simple. Also don't focus too heavily on the tool - focus on the idea. In the same way you don't need to show a wrench for a plumber you don't need to overemphasize 3D which is a tool to creating immersive and intuitive learning experiences. Go for the result. Leave your methodology to your materials.

Having said that I like 1,2,6 and 8

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Thanks for all the great comments and suggestions. It is till very much a work in progress, but I agree with most of the comments.

We not only work in 3D but with video as well.

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since you've got the whole video thing going on, you could try doing like a 2d projected 3d logo.. that would let you keep pixels, have it 3d, have it say video possibly.

i know this looks crappy, but maybe itll give you an idea

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