Annual Report Concepts

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Just thought i'd post some concepts im working on for a report. nothing is nailed down just yet, so still working on the grid/typeface/idea.
using Adobe Jenson (Slimbach) OT, apart from Mrs Eaves on the cover. I have a mixture of white and reversed pages, but will need to work out how they work together as the transition is a little 'harsh' at the moment. Its a two colour job so some of the headings are pantone red.
I have proportional old style on in Open Type to get the droped Numbers, will this do anything to the rest of the typeface? I can't see anything different than the numbers droping at the moment.
Using a really spacious A4 page, thought about making it thinner or wider, but thinking about printing cost vs the layout that will be needed in the later sections with tables, they generally need alot more room.
Also went and took some photos, but will need to come up with a strong concept before re-doing the imagery. these are pretty much place holders at the moment, while i work on layout ideas.

There are several levels of heading im still working on, as well as a drop cap intro para (which needs kerning).

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Ill be updating the year too ;)

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Not sure how I feel about the discretionary liguatures in the body copy.

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Apart from the typography, it feels a little forbidding -- stark colors, and we're looking up at towering objects in the two photos you've shown (which I realize are placeholders).

Consider whether such formal presentation is appropriate for a university. I love formal typography, but this feels a little authoritarian to me.

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As far as being a little authoritarian, I think that Mrs. Eaves lignatures are far from being cold and authorative, to me they can be very soft and feminine when used correctly. However, I'd have to second that discrentionary lignatures can look akward reduce legibility for body copy.

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Depending on how many pages and the binding method your inner margins are too tight, perfect binding, for example, will lose quite a large area at the middle of the spread. The measure is right on the limit of width also what point size are you using; how do you see the tables working with the text, I think that the combination of tabular information with text is the critical point for Annual Reports.
On picture 2_24 the heading styles seems to go astray for Conclusion and on 4_3 The Reporting Entity doesn't have the red.

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These are all great comments, it is definity at the development stage and great to catch all these things, and take the other into consideration.
Using 8pt/11.6pt leading on Adobe Jenson Pro, you think thats too small? it might seem smaller as the page A4. I could bump up the point size to 9/12, ill take a look after a print out. I think your right timd, I will change the margins.

Marcox- yeah i can see what your talking about, damm its good to get a different perspective, ill be taking this into account when I do the photos.

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I'd consider 8pt a touch too small, especially reversed out.

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