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Hi all.

I've been charged with designing the logo/branding for an online company whose aim it is to help sell independant art products for designers and artists worldwide. The idea is that artists can set up their own online store selling their wares -- so it must be quite a versatile brand.

My first three ideas are below -- any and all comments would be most appreciated.

Thanks in advance all,


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The double c's as cherries is a nice idea, but what concerns me is the stigma attatched to the "pair of cherries" imagery. Need i say more?

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i have to say that i like number 2 the most, but i'm not sure you need the vertical bar. A shift in color is enough. In fact, the bar plus the color shift sets it off so much that i read the words apart from each other. It's as if "collective" is a division of a company called Cherry.

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I don't like the third for sure, the 2 C are strange and looks too cmmercial. I like the other two but I would remove the point and the bar, I would join the two words and only differenciate both with colors. What dou you think?

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I like the first one's style (with the "ct" ligature) but I'm not a big fan of Mrs. Eaves. She's been a little overused recently. I see where you're going with the red cherry-like dot, but to me it doesn't quite work.

That little ligature looks almost like a cherry stem, and the ball terminal of the 'c' would make an excellent red cherry. Maybe another one hanging off the 't' in another direction would also work (you might be able to cut it off the "it" ligature). These are just suggestions. They might not work as well as I hope.

I think you definitely need to hide a cherry or two in the logo somewhere. To me a cherry has a distinctive heart shape and a stem.

- Lex

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Thanks for the comments everyone.

One thing I should've said in the original post was that the client has specifically said that she doesn't want actual cherries in the logo.

seventy7: Haha. You may be right about the bar though; in all honesty, I think the bar is a bit of a cop out anyway, only there to prove I can do more than just string two words together ;)

tonicastro: too commercial? in that you think it's not appropriate for an arty/independant company?

Lex: I know what you mean about Mrs Eaves -- I feel the same -- but this is the first project I've ever considered using it where it felt right. Your idea for converting the ligature into a pair of cherries is brilliant, but I fear not practical. I could be wrong, I'll try it out.

Re: The dot in the first logo: Is it just a bit too big/prominent? Or is it just it's existence at all. I rather like it ... but then I did put it there :)

I forgot to mail the PSD to myself at work, so I can't play with them now, but I will later on. Thanks again for your input, and to everyone else, don't hold back!


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OK, a few variations (including a silly one with a rough cherry ligature): as ever, all opinions appreciated.

Thanks all.


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the little cherres on the ct lig make it look like a nose ring.

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Haha. Yes they do.

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For me it's much better now. I love the first, simple, classy, and the ligature is very nice

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Those little cherries are distracting more than anything. They're simply way too small in relation to the type.

If you need a cherry icon (not sure if you do) maybe consider other context...cherry in a martini...on a sundae...etc.

I'd also put more of a separator between the two want it to read well in black and white as well.

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aluminium: no, a cherry is most definitely not required (as I've said, the client actually requested 'no cherries'), that logo was just a playful representation of an idea earlier in the thread. Very good point about the separator though -- it will need to work in black and white ... now I'm torn, as the full point punctuation in idea 1 (top) would have solved this.

tonicastro: thanks :)

Cheers all, keep the crits coming! I'd be interested to hear if you think it's acceptable to say that in full colour, there's no space, and in black/white, include a space.


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Hey Jordan. Im with the 1a, Its really nice.
I myself am not a specialist on corporate identity, but would say that if you could find another way to go over the black/white issue it would be better than using a different space between words.

Is there a chance in finding a way between 1 and 1a? I might also suggest some kind of movement in the descendant of the "y".
Maybe those two suggestions could merge into one.



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I find the Mrs Eaves versions have an exaggerated ascender and descender also there is a kerning issue around the er, ect and ol. I also feel that the ct ligature is a bit limp compared to, for example, Adobe Caslon's.
I think that the spacing should be consistent, it needn't be a full word space, once you have finalised(ish) the kerning for the other characters you could try a number of spaces, my guess would be that you could use quite a thin space and still achieve separation of the words, (I also don't object to your initial separators although the baseline needs raising for the dot).
The dusty red you have chosen seems a little lacking in comparison to the rich dark red of a cherry, however, screen quality could be contributing to that.

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gabssnake: Good call about the y -- it does look a little anaemic.

timd: The exaggerated asc/desc's of Mrs Eaves is what I like about it most. I agree about the lack of flair in the ct lig, but I've tried Caslon/Jensen and aside from the x-height being too large, I think they lack the personality of Mrs Eaves. Excellent spots with the kerning issues, you're absolutely right.

I also agree about the shade of red -- I've found it very difficult trying to come up with a shade of red that seems cherry-ish: with anything from almost black to a pale crimson being appropriate. I think it could definitely do with a little more vibrancy though -- if for no other reason than to give more contrast between it and the black.

I've tweaked the kerning, reduced the space between the words, fattened out the y descender, and given the shade of red a kick up the backside. Thoughts:

Thanks, as ever, Jordan

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Unfortunately I am not experienced in colour choice for the web (it seems to me that one man's dark red turns out warm black on another's screen), but that apart I think it is time to show the client maybe with a few visuals of the logo in action to get a reaction. The extra work on the y has made more of an improvement than I expected, especially on the reversed out option.

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When I looked at this, I immediately saw the ct lig as a cherry itself, with the c being the cherry and the ascender as the stem. It may look corny, but maybe you could make the c red but keep the lig curve (stem) and the t black. Besides that, I like your developing design with a simple space between the words.

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I saw the same thing with the lig and the "c". Even though your client requested no cherries, it may be that they pictured a corny illustration of a cherry. If you do something tasteful and sophisticated/understated they may like it. This typeset is nice, but you do need something to set it apart and make it a logotype, and not just a font choice. To me it is not at that point.

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Just stopped by and saw that same ct ligature. I was scrolling down at crazy speeds wondering, "Why hasn't anyone said something?" Two somebodies have. I'm in favor of the exploration.

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Nice idea about the 'c' -- it's worth a try.

They've gone to the client 'as is' for now, but we'll see about refinements when she gets back to me.

Thanks to all for your comments.


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I think you need to explore more. Right now it's just the name typed out with 2 colors and a ligature. It should feel more customized.

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I like what I see; anyway, I do agree with the ones stating that it *should* be more a logo and not just a neat contextual typo mod; it somehow lacks graphical- memory appealing feel, I think.
However, analogy is not the only way to achieve this.

I guess you have already finished with this but, maybe working with weights (like on 3) would add something, and also help you with the one-ink (b/w) version.

I like it already,


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