Weight loss clinic

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I'm trying to design a logo for a weight loss clinic, and although i think the image is somewhat cliche, it gets the point across i don't know if this is the kind of thing that you would want to add humor too...

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Lund, welcome to typophile.

The main issue seems to be cohesion (or lack of cohesion).
Something about the arrangement leaves me feeling like
it could improved.

Some things that you might consider:

* a weight change between Connecticut (bold)
and Weight Loss Clinic (reg), pun at random.

* all caps for Connecticut.

* maybe set the name underneath the state.

* why not try some sketches of some other ideas
or other typefaces.

also, it's 4;30 a.m. so the typo on connecticut
would be easy to overlook.

good luck ...:-)

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If the weight loss clinic is really in CT then perhaps you should use the inches side of the tape measure.

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I think BJs concept of heavy and thin weights in the type is perfect. Lose the map and tape measure and create a clever typographical logo. As BJ suggested, work the type using bold and light. Maybe it's a progression (or maybe more appropriately regression) from Black to Heavy/Bold to Regular/Roman to Thin/Light, etc. Maybe the distinction is within the letters of "Connecticut" or maybe it is made from word to word. Or maybe the effect is only present in the words "Weight Loss". Try it and see what you come up with.


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Scott, the Illustration bothered me too, but I couldn't put my finger on it. Having the name Connecticut in the name there is no reason to show the state outline, and the tape measure is clich

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Lund, I have to agree with Scott & bj. It might be better to develop a pure typographic logo.

Even if you insist to use a pictorial elements, than they probably should be more logo-like. (There is a functional point as well: imagine this photo on a fax or photocopy).

Maybe you should also try to make the type more compact. Right now it seems that those letters have just been typed, not really "designed".

Maybe the feeling of this logo is too "Clinic" and not enough "Weight Loss". Honestly, it is not just about health, is it?

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