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i'm currently having some trouble with a font modification job where i'm not even sure that the trouble is from my side. my job was to modify the regular and bold weights of stone sans for a local ad agency so that it would run identically on mac os and win nt. with help from a very dear friend i managed to get the encoding right so that the "new" font displays and prints identically on both systems. although i've imported all metrics and bitmaps from the original stone sans including ascent and descent, their tests showed different values regarding the leading of the font. the bold weight for mac os seemed particularilly off but apperently only when tested in filemaker. the values were identical when tested in word 98. i modified and generated the font in fontographer 4.1.5 on a mac.
i'm curious to know whether anybody else has experienced problems like this and verify my assumption that this is a filemaker problem and not a problem with the font. possible solutions would be greatly appreciated.

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OK, so i figured out, that using the adobe standard encoding solves the leading problem. but unfortunately this encoding causes a postscript error when i try to print the font. i can't find anything on this subject at macromedia's fontographer support, the fontographer manual, not even in stephen moye's fontographer book. any ideas how to solve this new problem?

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Have you tried Macromedia's Fontographer usenet group? Macromedia's FOG support guy Jim Gallagher is there all the time. (It's at "macromedia.fontographer" which can be accessed via Macromedia's news server: "forums.macromedia.com" )

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Hello Simon, did you tryed to used the Macintosh encoding only. Check if you can convert to curves a sample of text with your font, sometimes some letters don't have the forms totally close and make some problems.

Good luck and tell us something how you resolve your problem.

Best regards Simon

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mark, ricardo, thanks guys,
i was afraid that i was never gonna get any feedback on the subject. nobody seems to have encountered this before.

i've posted my problem on the fog usenet group, but so far no reply. but it seems to be a great resource as well. thanks for the hint!

i've checked the font before with mac encoding and it worked just fine. i also checked for open paths - no problems. i even checked for stray points that might've been located way above the ascender or way below the decender which could cause leading problems - didn't find any.

i've just received a short e-mail from the guy who's testing the fonts and it looks like setting the fog file to adobe encoding but generating it in original encoding solves all problems! i'll keep you posted if this is really the end of my painstaking journey into cross platform font country.

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