Wedding Invitation + Creative Block

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Hi all, long time reader, first time post.

Anyways, I thought the sharp eyes at Typophile would be able to point me in the right direction with a design I'm working on, as I am rather stuck.

My sister basically asked me to design a wedding invitation, so I've been working on trying to develop a nice style on the cover, to essentially set the style (at least most of it) for the rest of the piece.

The couple are not interested in a classical approach, so I didn't feel formal script or a typical color palette was the greatest path to explore.

My initial attempt was to provide a relatively modern approach to the logo design and typeface choices. Contemporary and warm.

Sample Cover

As a designer who is stuck in the early stages, all feedback is welcome.

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I like the idea, maybe the problem is that Derry can see the D easily, but Tina is a litlle hiden,don't you think? I think you could reequilibrate the logo

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Indeed, that's something I was having trouble resolving. I think one of the problems is the inherent size difference between lowercase t and d.

That said, I'll definitely give it another whirl.

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loving the colors and typechoice. So nice.

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More of an etiquette rule than anything but the girls name should come first since they are not yet married. :)

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Thanks for comments everyone. I've tried completely retooling the logo. At first, I tried adding different types of ascenders and varying crossbars on top of the letter d from a variety of modern typefaces (the previous example was Bodoni), but nothing really looked natural.

I tried taking script fonts, and melding the two together. Here is the first attempt.

The other two images are attempts at using script fonts for the initials (as opposed to a customized logo), as the t and d seem to fit well together.

1st Iteration

2nd Iteration

3rd Iteration

I must say, it's getting a bit frustrating!

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My feeling is that you have abandoned the didone too quickly and that there is still more profitable mileage in it, maybe a different didone would help, like

Also look at the italics.

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