Aero font

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Where can I get Aero font for free??


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Although anybody in Canada will tell you there's nothing quite like a tasty Nestle's Aero Bar! My favorite!


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Are Aero bars not available elsewhere? If this is the case, I feel lucky to be Canadian.

- Lex

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When I lived in England I tried the Aero bar. I have to say that the texture didn't agree with my teeth. However, I do wish we had Galaxy dark here in the States.

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when i was in Russia i fell in love with Nestle Picnic bars. The closest thing we have here are the Cadbury Fruit & Nut bars, but not quite the same thing.

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I love nuts with my chocolate, but not fruit. I accidentally bought a fruit & nut once and was very sad, when I finally went to eat it, to find fruit in my nuts. :^P

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