Only have question mark...

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But I am hoping to get lucky and someone will recognize it... :)

Thanks so much for your help :)

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Hi Cerilene

Er, you're sure you don't have any other characters, right? Most of the specimen books show all the other characters except the question mark, so this is really needle-in-a-haystack-territory.

I think it looks like something out of the old ATF catalogue, so maybe Bookman, Souvenir etc. For a moment I thought it was Windsor or something by Lucien Bernhardt, but it's not. The main stroke is very idiosyncratic and constructed rather than a single fluid stroke. The dot is elliptical rather than circular, so you could look at (early) 20th century faces that are wide and sport rounded serifs, like Cooper Black.

If you have to id the whole face, fair enough, but with this little reference it might be quicker to hand draw a few characters or go for a close alternative.

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I think Ben's right. Your best shot would have been if 'What The Font?' could recognize it, but that didn't work, so with just one rather obscure character you are going to need to be very lucky for someone to recognize that question mark.

- Mike Yanega

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