Manic and Wooden Neutraface Letters

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Just thought you all would like to see what I did with the lovely Neutraface.

These letters are 60cm tall, and made from recycled wood by a very talented friend of mine.

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Ay caramba! Hot dawg! Nice...

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I love it too. Too bad the wood won't survive outdoors and the "C" doesn't stand on it's own. So the kerning between "I" and "C" is screwy.

But so yummy nonetheless.

Oh yes, my dog's in the picture for scale.

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Karen, these are gorgeous. Will you hang them inside your office? Are you going to paint them? Fun!!

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Sweet! Are you sure the House EULA allows this? ;-)

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HA! Si, I resisted the urge to make that joke!!

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You're going to need a really large printing press to use those…


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They might withstand the weather if you use a polyurethane stain or something.

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The House EULA? :) I didn't read it.
I sent it to Ken Barber and he put it on his blog.

Yes, I thought of painting it, but I'm gonna enjoy it raw for a while. The whitewash it, then paint it bright red!

Tiff, they're on a book shelf in the office. With negative kerning cos the shelf's too narrow.

Polyurethane stain? I'll research that. But the wood's really old and not really solid.

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60cm = how many points?

Outdoor varathane will last about 4-5 years if you do at least 5 coats and make sure you completely encase the wood…


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> 60cm = how many points?

Which kind of points? 1700 new points, or 1707 old points.

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I get the point Don… :)

karen - I was joking before but I think it would be really cool to ink them up (or use paint) and print a banner…


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I have always been a big fan of wooden type since meeting Jack Stauffacher years ago. I don't think yours would fit on the Vandercook though :-)

They are lovely though!


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