Seamart International Sans Serif

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I found this piece of text somewhere a while back and kept it. I love the letters, and thought it could be expanded into a font someday. I thought it looked like Optima but cleaner and more dramatic. But before I start, I was wondering if there was any chance it was not custom drawn but a font. I'm sure you guys could help.

Any ideas?

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Peignot Demi by Adolphe Mouron Cassandre. (With a stroke applied.)

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It sure does resemble to Peignot, but few of the letters look quite different. Peignot's "A" is pointed and the "M" quite wider, the "R" is not closed and the top stroke of the "T" is longer.
Of course, it might have been modified and right now I don't have a better candidate.

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Definately based on Peignot. There’s a Bitstream version called Exotic 350 but I think it’s an exact copy.

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Also Castle Book is quite close, but now the "M" is wrong

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Have a look at this Chambord Bold-discussion over at WTF. Chambord Bold is from Roger Excoffon.

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Vesta has some similarities, too

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THank you all for your ideas. Chambrd seems to have more of the voice I was looking for that Peignot, but It seems as though Chambord does not have a digital version.

Does anybody know where I could find a good sized sample of the character family, especially the lower case?

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