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Hello all!

This is my post here.......yes I am a virgin to the forums so go easy on me

I am creating a business card for a new hair salon called Gemini and I have come across a font that I really want to use.
Unfortunatly I can't fit it into the said budget. I really like the Chalet series from House Industries and was wondering
if anybody could recommend a similar or cheaper alternative to the one I have posted.


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Chalet is known as a grotesque sans serif. Here are some similar grots that are available for purchase by individual font* as opposed to a full package:

Basic Commercial
FF Bau
Monotype Grotesque

*If you're using only one font style, you certainly save money this way, but it sounds like you're designing an identity package for your client. In which case it would serve you well to purchase more than one weight and perhaps italics. The price per font is often much lower when you buy a package.

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To get a similar look, check Avant Garde or Century Gothic

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Depends on which variant you use.

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Awesome thanks a lots guys.
you've been a big help!

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