(x) Eglentine - Egiziano, Giza {bj harvey, Marc Oxborrow}

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I need to find the supplier of the font Eglentine. It seems it was created by NovelFonts! Corporation but I cannot find them.
I specifically need a Windows version of this font.Eglentine sample

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Looks like an Egiziano clone. It's either
free or it costs $22. Go figure.


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Font Bureau's Giza is a versatile family based on the Egizio model.

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Actually, it's Font Bureau's Belizio that is based on Aldo Novarese's Egizio,
which in turn traces its roots back to the Clarendons of the mid 19th century.
The Clarendon style evolved out of the general "Egyptian"/slab-serif styles
popularized by Figgins and Thorne/Thorowgood.

Giza and the example above both derive more from the Egyptian style directly
than they do the Clarendon/Egizio lineage.

-- K.

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Kyle, can we consider this a satisfying ID, or do
you desperately need the actual Eglentine font? ;)

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