(x) "Lord of War" opening credits slab serif - Ironmonger {Marc O}

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Can anybody help me identify the typeface used for the opening credits for the movie "Lord of War".


You can view the typeface throughout some of the video shorts. It is a slab serif font, but I am not yet skilled enough to pinpoint the name.

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Always helps to give a direct link. This one?

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Are you talking about the slab used to spell "Lord of War" at the end of the trailers? If so, I believe it's Ironmonger from Font Bureau.


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This is the best example I can find. Sorry, I should have posted a sample first. I was rushed at the time.


The typeface I refer to is the one used for the opening titles. For the actors and production.

This sample is very small, all I can do is identify it as a hybrid sans and slab serif.

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Gareth, I'm not seeing any "slabbiness" in your sample. Looks like a geometric sans to me.

Agency (Font Bureau), Stratum (Process Type Foundry) or Refrigerator (Mark Simonson) will get you close.

You might also search Myfonts with terms like "constructivist."

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Thanks for your help marcox. Agency is exactly what I am after.

I still get the terminology warped every now and again. =)

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