(x) "Tony Hoagland" Bembo-ish text face - Pietro {Christopher Purcell}

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What it is?

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Looks like Bembo to me - what makes you think it isn't?

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The larger counter on p and the tear-shaped, open-eared r immediately caught my eyes because it looked like Verdigris. Bembo's p should have a more angular top-stroke and less counterspace, and its ear of the r should have a definite downward stroke. Beyond that it looked like Bembo.

Do you have a larger version on the image?

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How many different font vendors make a flavor of Bembo?

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I failed take the 2005 Monotype Bembo Book into account! If the book is quite new, maybe it was set in that particular rendition. Its characteristics matched my description more closely, particularly with shorter stub on r. I'm still not quite sure on the p, although the image quality could've easily be distorted and my perception deceived through optimizing it for the web.

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I didn't dream it: the sample is set in Pietro, a redesign of Bembo done in 1995 by Tobias Frere-Jones. It's shown on pp 46-7 of Font Bureau's type specimen book, 3rd edition.
It isn't on the FB website; since it's part of a special 'readability' group of typefaces, you have to contact their office directly to buy it.
I'd checked the website but not the book!

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I'll confirm that. I'm looking at it right now. How strange that I never noticed it before. :^/

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Yep, that's FB Pietro, a Bembo revival. I took part in the redesign of Poetry magazine (that's where the sample image is from) while at Winterhouse Studio, and we commissioned FB to make some revisions to Pietro, a project they'd had in their shop for a while. As far as I know, no one else is using Pietro, and it sounds like your research reflects this. Poetry magazine had used Bembo for a very long time, and we thought it appropriate to keep with the tradition but update it and make it better. We hope the redesign was effective!

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