4th of July Typographically

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Hi there,

I'm just curious if anyone knows of anything (milestones, events, people, fonts, etc) that is typographically relevant or related to the 4th of July? Nothing serious. Just bored and curious.

Interested to see what people have to say,


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Aside from the beautifully typeset Declaration of Independence? (not passed or signed on the fourth, I know, but at least it says, July 4, doesn't it?)

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They "typeset" the Declaration? I always thought it was calligraphic.


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Oh, yeah, you're right! Duh…
Here's an image… written out of course:
Reminds one of some new P22 font releases, eh?

Now I feel dumb! I won't go back and change my last post, though.

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It was typeset, too.

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Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels publish their Communist Manifesto.
(according to the History Channel)

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Will the Americans on the board will complain if I criticize the typography of the printed version? The measure is far too wide, for one thing.

Were typographic principles the same 230 years ago? I know newspapers used much smaller type, as small as agate, which is about 5 point. Any comments?

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Say, today (04.07.2006) it was a presentation of Yuri Gordon's book about cyrillic letters in Moscow. :)http://www.artlebedev.ru/news/2006/04.07/

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