Building Letters III - Call for participation

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Building Letters III
Call for participation

The Building Letters project continues! An international team of typographers, designers, and editors vivified the idea to publish this magazine. The Building Letters 3 would raise money to help those affected by the Asian Tsunami in 2004, an event which dominated the news for such a short time, but where people still need our help, long after the cameras have gone home.

The integral part of the magazine is a CD containing free fonts. The main reason to include a CD is to make the magazine more attractive for those who buy it. Not only they receive a magazine, but also some added value they can use in their own projects.

The last issue of Building Letters, published by Jim Richardson, contained a CD with 30 fonts by various designers (Max Kisman, Neville Brody, Emigre, etc.).

Please help us to make BL3 project successful. We need to create a valuable collection of fonts. If you wish to participate, please contact me at Every participating designer will have his/her own folder on the CD; the folder should contain PC and Mac version of a font (OT fonts preferred) and it could also contain EULA and/or catalog in PDF.

Thank you for helping us, and the victims.

Filip Blazek

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Thank you Filip for seeing this through! The magazine looks great. P22 will donate a font to the project that will not be available otherwise.

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Filip, I added this to the news forum. I think more people probably use the RSS feed for it that this one.

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I would like to contribute a font as well.

Is this the same thing that has all the "Fleurons of Hope" in it or is that another thing? Since I have a couple of fluerons in there, why not a type as well.


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