Companions for Dearest

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One more request for a type pairing...

a text to complement Dearest

Thanks so much!

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for? it all depends on the context. can you give us some more background?

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Of course, sorry...

I’m a Freelance Pre-Press Artist/Illustrator, wanting to redesign my resumes/invoices/other materials.

Same reason as my previous request for a companion to Centaur, which I'm using currently (alone)...

Then I stumbled upon Dearest...which really suits my personality/illustration style perfectly.

Thanks for your help and patience, I'm new here.

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I guess I could also mention:

I'm probably using PMS 396/271 (I've got the ink left over, and I love that combo) print/letterpress 2/2 on dual mounted 180# Winstead, with the 396 also as edging.

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I've used Eldorado with Dearest being more or less an accent.

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