Gifted Presence - Logo Critique

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Can I get a critique on these logos?

They're for a marketing company that does promotions by giving other company's products away to celebrities.

Thank you!

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I think your first logotype is the stand out one for me, if the fancy tales on the 'd', 'p', 'n', and the last 'e' were removed. As I believe the ligatures on the 'gi' and 'se' would be enough to add the elegance to the logotype and not look as if the them was being over used. I hope this helps in someway.

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I think the 4th is quite strong. I really enjoy how the letters, at first, look like abstract swashes. I could see that being taken in many different directions.

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I'm with Tiffany the fourth one needs some work on it, like the verticals having a similar stress and more exuberance in the flourishes, have you looked at the curly braces } to provide inspiration? You could maybe make a reflection of the monogram to further abstract the letters.

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