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Hello. This is my first post here, pardon for my bad english.

I am working on a logotype for “the darth vader heritage foundation” (student project).
The brief talks about vader as a “tragic hero”. This is most important guideline to build the logotype.

I have built 2 versions of the word “anakin” (both were once garamond regular) - one for the more “formal” side of the institution and the other for the dark process vader had gone through to become the dark lord and become my tragic hero.

Thank you for your comments.

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The deconstructed version is too difficult to read. The formal version doesn't do anything for me--it looks like the letters are all from similar, but different typefaces. The lowercase a looks awkward to me.

Neither conveys tragic hero to me, but I don't think any typeface could do that. I think that is more of the graphic design side.

At least you didn't rely on a cheesy Star Wars/Sci-Fi font.

Keep trying.

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can the "reflection" like (bottom left) combination function as a logo? As far as is tried, the deconstructed looks far more interesting, and the combination of them comply as the two sides of the character.

But as a shape, too wierd...

I guess working on the upper version to make it more readable is what im gonna do. I dont have much time left, almost no time at all.

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Needs more lightsaber.

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