60's font question

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Hello fellas. My co-worker is looking for a font that somewhat resembles Ben & Jerry's Phish Food lettering. Since I'm no expert at anything 60's, I thought I'd let you guys kick around the question.

thanks in advance.

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I don't know that the font your friend has in mind resembles a 60s lettering style. It looks handmade to me. There are some great 60s Psychedelic fonts here, however:


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it is hand lettered but does have a 60s vibe to it. I've mentioned that she put pen to paper but I don't think she's comfortable enough doing that.

Thanks for the link, however, hopefully something closer to that Phish Food lettering can be found.

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here is the image:

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Well... here's phishing for something:

Years and years ago, Phil Martin (and Steve Jackaman) designed Jolly Roger and there might have been alternates and swash available pre-digital.

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Great. Will pass along that font seeing its as close as I think we'll get.

Thanks all!

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